TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 413 - 'Alone'


The Walking Dead Episode 413
Written By: Curtis Gwinn
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Original Airdate: 9 March 2014

In This Episode…

We open with a flashback to when Glenn and Daryl found Bob wandering alone on the road. He is a shell of a man, existing simply because he doesn't know what else to do. He doesn’t know how long he has been alone, but two groups have come and died. Daryl asks him Rick’s three questions: How many walkers have you killed? (Dozens.) How many humans have you killed? (One.) Why? (Because she asked me to.) Bob has no questions for them; it doesn’t matter who they are. He is just happy to be with people.

Now, things are a bit different. It is just Bob, Sasha, and Maggie. They are caught in heavy fog, which leads to a cool sequence of the three of them, pressed back-to-back-to-back, slaughtering zombies as they jump out of the fog. The fog clears out and they do, too. The find the signs for Terminus, and Maggie is determined to go there. That is the most likely place to find Glenn. Sasha thinks the idea of Terminus is too good to be true, but she is out voted. They set up camp for awhile to rest, and Maggie goes off for firewood. Sasha and Bob doze off for a bit, but when they wake, they find a message etched in the dirt from Maggie: “Don’t risk your life 4 me. Good luck.” While she misses Maggie, Sasha is not disappointed. She wants to just find one of the towns along the train track and set up shelter. She made her feelings well known, so Maggie decided to go ahead without them.

Bob is not happy with this arrangement. After losing two groups and being dangerously low on humans in his third, he likes the idea of joining a large community. He insists they can catch up with Maggie, and Sasha goes along grudgingly. Along the way, they see messages, written in zombie blood, telling Glenn to meet Maggie at Terminus - they are on the right track. But they come to a couple big brick buildings and Sasha starts fantasizing about the idyllic life they could set up there. Bob again insists that they go find Maggie, but Sasha just can’t. She refuses to admit it, but she is scared. Terminus is where Tyreese would go, so if she gets there and he isn’t there, to Sasha, that means he is dead. Bob says goodbye to her with a passionate kiss and continues along the train tracks. 

Sasha explores the top floor of a brick building. It has big windows and nothing else: no furniture, carpeting, nothing. She looks around and fights back tears, perhaps realizing she made a mistake. Sasha goes to the window and sees a pile of bodies on the ground - one of them is Maggie. She gasps and leans forward, pushing the window out and crashing it to the ground. This causes Maggie to wake up - but it also draws out lots of walkers. Sasha races downstairs and helps Maggie fight them off. Maggie admits she heard what Sasha said, that the odds are that Glenn is dead, but Maggie doesn’t care - she has to try. The reason she stopped at this cluster of buildings was to wait for Sasha and Bob. They have a good heart to heart and continue down the tracks after Bob. Bob is thrilled to see the girls, and the threesome continues on.

Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and shoot a bow. She has a walker in her sights, but trips over a trap in the ground, twisting her ankle and forcing Daryl to jump in and off the walker. They continue on, and see a mortuary on the far end of a cemetery. Beth’s ankle is hurting, so Daryl gives her a piggy back ride to the house. The house is devoid of both people and zombies, so they settle in. It doesn’t take long to realize that someone lives here - or was until very recently. The house is immaculately clean, and the cupboards are well stocked with a “redneck brunch” (peanut butter, jelly, pig’s feet, and diet cola), without a speck of dust. In the embalming room, someone had tried to reconstruct the faces of a couple of dead zombies. Daryl thinks it is dumb; Beth thinks it is nice that someone was showing them respect.

Daryl battens down the hatches and comes in to find Beth singing and playing piano. He lays down in a coffin (“the most comfortable bed I’ve had in years”) and asks her to keep playing. In the morning, he carries Beth to the kitchen for breakfast when he hears something set off the trip wire. It turns out to just be a dog, who Daryl tries to lure into the house. It runs off scared. 

As they finish breakfast, Beth writes a thank you note to whoever lived here, in case they come back. Daryl suggests they stay: if the person comes back, he is sure they can “make it work.” Beth smiles - it seems she has restored his belief that good people still do exist, but he stops short of admitting that Beth is the good he sees. Luckily the moment is broken by the tripwire again, and Daryl goes, this time with a bit of peanut butter, hoping to lure the dog in. (How idyllic would that be? Playing house with a pretty young blonde in a perfect country house with a little dog by their side?) But when Daryl opens the door, he is besieged by an army of hungry zombies. Beth throws him his crossbow and he yells for her to get out. She runs, and Daryl leads them down into the embalming room where he can create a bottleneck. He also corrals some of the zombies into the corner, behind big metal tables, and then heads back upstairs, taking out a few extra zombies as he goes.

Daryl makes it out of the house in time to see Beth driving away. He tries to flag her down, to chase after the car, but it is too late. (To be fair, he did tell her to leave.) Daryl doesn’t give up, and he runs after the car. Even when the car is long gone, he keeps running, following the road, tracking the car as best as he can. Morning breaks, and he finally collapses - at an actual crossroads, right by the train tracks. He is dozing, sitting up upright, when a band of men find him. The leader, Joe, makes a move to investigate, and Daryl pulls his crossbow on him, causing the rest of the group to pull their weapons on Daryl. The leader laughs - he has respect for a crossbow man. Any teacher or accountant can grab a rifle; but you have to be a bow man “through and through” to make it your weapon of choice. Joe warns Daryl that if he shoots him, his group will drop him ten times over. He invites Daryl to join up with them, just like that. Daryl lowers his weapon, the others lower their weapons, and just like that, Daryl has a new group.

The very last scene is Glenn seeing the Terminus poster, and heading there. That was a no-brainer. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel like this was about as close to a “happy ending” as this show can get. Bob, Sasha, and Maggie all reconnected - even smiled - and it looks like Bob and Sasha will have a little romance going on. Even Daryl found a new group, mere hours after he lost Beth. Of course, he wants to be with Beth; she is like a little sister (because I refuse to accept them as a romantic couple), but a bunch of rednecks is better than nothing. I do worry that Daryl’s new group will be a bad influence on him, making him fall back into his redneck ways. When they finally make it to Terminus (we all know that our survivors will converge on Terminus, right?) I think that he is going to have a hard time shedding that good ol’ boy persona again.

Kill o’ the Week

Maggie, on her own, is about to carve a message on the power box that a Terminus sign is hung on. A single zombie lurches towards her, and she just stares at it, contemplating. Finally she attacks and jams a knife into its head. With scarcely a thought, she tears open the zombie's gut, digs in, and uses the zombie blood to write her message.


Next week the focus is on Tyreese, Carol, and the kids. I know that trailer editors are quite handy at cutting together stuff to make it look like something happens that doesn’t… but it looks suspiciously like one of the girls is about to be zombie-food - and Carol turns her back on her.