TV Review: 'Death Valley' Episode 103 - 'Blood Vessels'


Death Valley Episode 103

"Blood Vessels"

Written By: Kristofor Brown

Directed By: Drew Daywalt

Original Airdate: 12 September 2011

In This Episode...

It's blood donor month in the Valley, and you know what that means: easy pickings for vampires.  The UTF mobilizes. Carla and John-John commandeer one bloodmobile while Billy and Stubeck take another. Carla and John-John find that their bloodmobile is overrun with zombies, of all things, and John-John misses his zombie bat. He misses it even more when they run out of ammo. Meanwhile Billy and Stubeck only have a couple vampires to deal with. They head over to Carla and John-John, but not before the zombies tip the bloodmobile.

While the other agents are in the field, Kirsten has her first real assignment. At first, it appears to be a babysitting gig for the Captain, who is worried his teenage niece, Natalie, is getting into some bad mojo. What Kirsten discovers at the "GBGB" party is that those initials stand for "give blood, get buzzed." Hosted by a vampire, Rico, he sucks a little of your blood, then kisses you, giving you a high. The blood donation heightens the buzz. Kirsten pretends she "donated." Back at the station, she tells the Captain that it is just "teen stuff" so the Captain doesn't pull her off her first juicy assignment.

Dig It or Bury It?

I've got to say, I feel like they missed the boat with this episode. Vampires hijacking bloodmobiles should have offered much more in the way of humor. Instead, it felt chaotic - like there was too much action jammed in to the episode. This in and of itself is never a bad thing - until plot and script fall by the wayside. 

I really hope that Kirsten's story takes a dark turn - like she gets hooked on the blood or something. Not because I want the show to be dark; just because I want a little intrigue.


There are lots of gruesome creatures in this episode, most notably a demony vampire. Key monster slaughter comes by way of John-John, who brains a zombie that gets into the bloodmobile after it tips. There is a massive hamburgering of the zombie head.

Undead Tee-Hee Force

There is a great scene where Billy and Stubeck chase down a vampire. They are easily winded. "It's ok; if they're that fast, we let them go," Stu gasps.


When a werewolf attacks a porn set, the UTF investigates. Guess which two cops have to go after the werewolf while the other two "protect" the porn stars.