TV Review: 'Death Valley' Episode 105 - 'Zombie Fights'


Death Valley Episode 105

"Zombie Fights"

Written By: Matt Lawton

Directed By: Drew Daywalt

Original Airdate: 26 September 2011

In This Episode...

Carla and John-John answer a call of zombies at a nursing home. John-John beats the suspect with his trusty bat, but it wasn't a zombie - it was a resident's brother. Consequently, John-John is put on desk duty, so Kirsten accompanies Carla on patrol. They respond to another zombie sighting, this time in a department store. Kirsten gets locked in a storage room with the zombie and a human customer, and is forced to beat the living crap out of the zombie. When this settle down, Carla has nothing but negativity for her.

While on desk duty, John-John discovers "zombie fights" online - like bum fights or a zombie fight club. The captain is initially disgusted by the videos, but it doesn't take long for him - and the rest of the station house - to get into it and start making bets. Things go south when John-John discovers that one of the fighting zombies is - or was - his dad. He didn't even know he died. He and the captain go down to break up the fight. Daschle is the one who has to take out John-John's dad.

Billy and Stubeck follow a bloodmobile to make sure it is going to the hospital. It is, but it has still been hijacked by vampires. There is a standoff before the vamps finally just drive off. Later, after an evening at the bar with the rest of his coworkers, Stubeck ducks out early to visit his kids and gets beaten up in the alley by the vampire hijackers.

Dig It or Bury It?

The zombie fights were great. Bloody, violent, and hilarious. Every zombie fight-related scene was hilarious. A lot of that was tone, a lot felt ad-libbed, and a lot of it was just the fighting. Stu and Billy's storyline was weaksauce, as was Carla and Kirsten's, but I understand that in both cases, it was meant to further the plot (Stubeck so he could get beat up; Carla so she could grudgingly warm up to Kirsten and let the audience know that she "shockingly" is a lesbian who is dating the bartender (an obvious - but welcome - excuse for some hot girl-on-girl action).

Undead Tee-Hee Force

John-John, upon entering the old-folks home: "Are you sure they aren't all zombies?" 

See also: the "Splatterfest" section below.


Zombie fights - were you not paying attention? A popular move in zombie fights seems to be for one guy to rip off his competitor's arm and beat him with it. Sometimes he's take a nibble. One of the zombies had his arm replaced with a sledgehammer and was not afraid to smash into rotting flesh with it. Another vomited blood on the camera.


Thanks to John-John's reckless homicide (technically manslaughter), internal affairs has stepped in to make sure the officers are performing their duties to the best of their abilities. And I bet more people will die. Educated guess.