TV Review: 'Pack Mentality' - 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.3


Teen Wolf Episode 1.3

"Pack Mentality"

Written By: Jeff Vlaming

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 13 June 2011

In This Episode...

A school bus is a crime scene when the kids arrive at school. Scott is terrified because he dreamt of attacking Alison in that very bus, and it felt all too real. Naturally, Alison is fine, but it wasn't just a dream. The victim, bus driver Myers, is found alive (he dies by the end of the episode). Scott goes to Derek for some help. He will help, but Scott may be called on for a favor at some point. He teaches Scott to unlock his memories by remembering with his senses.

Scott and Alison's date night turns into a "hanging out" double-date with Jackson and Lydia. They go bowling, Scott sucks, Alison tells him to imagine her naked, his wolfy sense kicks in, and he gets six strikes in a row. Typical high school drama. When Scott brings Alison home, her father is watching...

Scott goes back to Derek's house, and the two wolf out and fight. When they tire themselves out, Derek finally reveals all the secrets he has been steadfastly holding on to. Derek did not turn Scott, nor did he kill his sister or even attack the bus driver. Scott was in fact at the bus attack, but the attacker was an alpha, the most dangerous kind of werewolf. The alpha killed Derek's sister then used her pieces to lure Derek back to town. Derek and Scott are both considered betas. This particular alpha is Scott's maker, so he is the one the alpha wants. Derek now needs Scott's help to track down the alpha.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am glad that Derek finally gave up that mopey, secret Angel image he was clinging to. I never could figure out why he wouldn't just open up to Scott. I guess the idea was supposed to be that Scott never gave him a chance. That didn't come across. Anyway, I like that we are finally getting answers to some of the secrets. I was a little disappointed in the werewolf fight at the end. Werewolf versus werewolf should have been epic. It wasn't bad; I just felt like the choreography was kind of dull.

On the other hand, the opening scene, in which Scott "attacks" (or dreams he attacks) Alison was quite tense. She runs; he grabs her and drags her down the aisle. She kicks free; he tears the seats right out of the floor. She bloodies her fingers trying to pry the door open; he slams it shut. It was pretty gripping.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Lydia bowls a perfect frame, after a game of lackluster throws. Alison tells her she should stop sucking for Jackson's benefit. "Believe me," she assure Alison, "I do plenty of sucking for his benefit." Yes the logic is a little loose, but you have to dig the sentiment.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

Scott doesn't know what the word "succumbs" means.


Derek comes to school, looking for Scott, and he and Jackson get into it. Looks like Jackson now has a target on his jugular.