TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.11 - 'Formality'

Teen Wolf Episode 1.11


Written By: Monica Macer

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 8 August 2011

In This Episode...

Scott is failing a couple classes. Rather than being taken off the lacrosse team, he is banned from the dance. But Scott still has to go, to protect Alison from Peter. Scott gets Jackson to take her ("as friends") but he gets plastered the moment they roll up, so he is of no help. Scott watches from the corner of the gym, until Coach sees him. Scott grabs another guy and dances with him, so when Coach starts yelling that Scott can't be here, everyone thinks Coach is a homophobe and he backs off. 

In a drunken stupor, Jackson stumbles outside. He sees red glowing eyes in the forest, and goes to beg the alpha to turn him. But those eyes were actually the laser sights on Argent's crossbow. He gets all the info he needs regarding the beta out of Jackson, but Jackson later goes to Stiles out of guilt.

Scott dances with Alison, and the two make up with passionate kisses and "I love yous." She drags him out to the parking lot where they kiss between a couple of empty school buses. Coquettishly, Alison boards one of the buses and entices Scott to join her. Before he can, he is boxed in by two SUVs, driven by Argent and his crony. The two cars speed forward, intending to crush Scott between them, but at the last minute he jumps up, saving himself, wolfing out, and revealing himself to Alison.

Also: While Kate is torturing Derek, we learn that Derek was in love with her - you know, before she torched his family. She also figures out that Scott is the beta, and she brings in an older gentleman to indulge in some torture (or so I assume). Lydia goes outside during the dance, looking for Jackson. Instead she finds Peter, who attacks her. Stiles shows up and begs for her life, promising to help Peter find Derek.

Dig It or Bury It?

I found this episode to drag in many places, but I can forgive it because I can see it is building towards something. There was a lot of boring high-school crap, a lot of jibber-jabber that made tonight's episode a little slow.

A few things creeped me out about this episode - and not in a good way. When Alison is at the mall shopping for a dress for the dance, Peter approaches her. He is eerily calm, commenting on her "beautiful, fair complexion" and what colors would best accent it. He even grabs her hand and holds a dress up to her. If that happened to me when I was 16, I would have run. Alison eventually does, when Scott sets up a "your car is being towed" announcement, but she let Peter go on and on. What is even creepier is that Alison then wears the dress that Peter picked out to the prom.

The other creep is Kate. Seriously, she is demented. She is just a shade or two from being on the Harley Quinn/Joker level. It's that out of control. She's like a caricature. On a slightly-related note, Kate's idea of torture is to yammer on endlessly. Not just torture for Derek, but for me as well.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Stiles asks Lydia to dance. She says no, so he becomes forceful. She says no again. "I know somewhere beneath that cold lifeless exterior, there is a human soul," he tells her. He then also tells her he knows she is smart, that she hides it, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, she dances with him.

Worst. Moment. Ever.

Kate is teasing Derek about how he fell in love with the woman who would bring down his family. To "remind him" about their hot sex, she kneels down and licks his belly. Kate is not too far from being a sexual predator.


In next week's season finale, not everyone survives, and not everyone remains human. I still say Lydia is a goner.