TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.6 - 'Heart Monitor'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.6

"Heart Monitor"

Written By: Daniel Sinclair

Directed By: Toby Wilkins

Original Airdate: 4 July 2011

In This Episode...

Derek is adamant that in order for Scott to gain control of his animal side, he must stay away from Alison. Scott tries and fails, so Stiles promises that he will help train Scott. Scott's transformations seem to be linked to his heart rate. The higher it gets, the quicker the transformation. But focusing on Alison seems to get it under control. To test this, Stiles straps Scott into a heart rate monitor, ties him up, and chucks lacrosse balls at him. Later, he sets up Scott to get caught keying a car and getting the crap beat out of him. The Alison trick works.

Derek goes to visit the animal clinic to ask the vet about a deer found three months ago with a spiral carved into its side. The same kind of spiral that was created out of rope atop his sisters corpse, and the same that was on the roof last week. Earlier in the episode, Scott was in his car, hiding from the alpha when it made the spiral mark in the condensation on the window. Derek refused to tell him what it meant, but later reveals it is the werewolf symbol for a vendetta. When he questions the vet about it, the vet says he doesn't know anything about it, but Derek knows he is lying. The suspicion is that the vet is the alpha. Scott comes in and stops Derek from beating the crap out of the vet.

Scott has a plan. He and Stiles meet Derek and a bound, gagged, and unconscious vet at the school. The boys break in so Scott can howl in the PA system and - hopefully - attract the alpha. When they return outside to Derek, they discover the vet is gone, but the alpha is there. He pops up behind Derek, lifts him up and throws him against a brick wall. Stiles and Scott barricade themselves in the school.

Also: Alison does some research into her family history and discovers a French fable about la bete, a mysterious creature who slaughtered hundreds in the countryside. La bete was finally brought down by a man named Archer - Alison's ancestor. Jackson's werewolf injury seems to be making him sick and creepy rather than strong and confident. He looks like death on a stick and starts hitting on Alison.

Dig It or Bury It?

Each episode is getting a little better. I still feel like they are taking too long to develop the mythology of the show. It's like they don't have very much, so they are dragging it out as much as possible. I still have no idea why the boys are so distrustful of Derek. The spiral is kind of a weak symbol of vendetta. It's not very menacing. 

But tonight's episode was well paced. Not enough action, but the story flowed well and kept the tension going. I didn't even mind when Scott got all goony when he realized he was in love with Alison. Well, didn't mind it that much.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Jackson is succumbing to infection, and you know what that means... hallucinations! At school he runs to the sink when he thinks he is going to vomit. Instead, he discovers a black claw creeping from his mouth. But it is all in his mind. 

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

Not the dumbest, but certainly the most frustrating. Alison and Scott are rolling around in her bed, half-dressed, when Aunt Kate knocks on the door and Scott hides in the closet. When we next see Scott, he is clothed and jumping out Alison's window. Of course, the question that then weighed heavily on my mind: did Scott get laid or not?


The boys barricade themselves in the school... and somehow, Jackson, Lydia, and Alison become trapped with them.