TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.8 - 'Lunatic'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.8


Written By: Monica Macer

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 18 July 2011

In This Episode...

Scott is despondent over his breakup with Alison. Stiles takes him into the woods to get him drunk. Stiles succeeds; Scott does not - perhaps because of the lycanthropy, Stiles theorizes. A couple thugs find them and take their booze. Scott stands up to them, growls, and scares him into turning over the Jack Daniels. The head thug gets grabbed by the alpha; his sidekick is grabbed and left to burn in a trashcan bonfire.

School the next day is miserable. Stiles is somehow not hungover. The first day back for the students after the "incident" in the school, and the kids have a test. Scott cannot focus. His senses are heightened to uncomfortable levels. He can feel everyone's emotions. His vision blurs and he hallucinates disturbing substitutions for the test questions. Unable to take it, he runs out, Stiles close behind. He finds Scott in the locker room showers having a panic attack.

Later before lacrosse practice, the coach promotes Stiles to first string, and names Scott co-captain with Jackson - something that pisses Jackson off. Stiles begs Scott to ask Lydia if she likes him. He instead asks if Alison still likes him. Lydia lies and says only as a friend, then comes on to Scott. They make out. Back on the field, Scott is unusually aggressive, and even knocks the goalie unconscious. Lydia pops by practice, and Jackson notices her lipstick is smudged. Stiles notices it, too.

Later that night in Scott's room, Stiles tricks Scott so that he can handcuff him to a radiator (who still has a radiator, anyway?). Stiles explains that this is in part because of the impending full moon, but mostly for making out with the girl he likes. He sits in the hallway, listening to Scott try to beg, cajole, threaten, and break out of his chains. Stiles ignores it until there is silence, then he discovers that Scott broke free and escaped out the window. Were-Scott finds Alison and Jackson "innocently" parked, sharing their feelings. With his wolf vision, he envisions them screwing around, but they are, honestly, just talking. He leaps onto the roof of the car, but before he can can-opener it, Derek tackles him and drags him into the woods. The two fight like backyard wrestlers until Derek scares Scott into submission. They both shift back to human form. Derek tells him this is exactly what the alpha wants. He takes Scott back home, and he finally admits that he needs Derek's help. There is only one rumored way for a changed werewolf to return to human: kill the alpha werewolf. Derek makes a deal: you help me find the alpha, I will help you kill it.

Also: Jackson finds a claw in his car roof and finds that it is a perfect match to the hole in SCott's old lacrosse glove. And Argent and Kate start putting the pieces together that Scott - or perhaps Stiles - is a werewolf.

Dig It or Bury It?

For the love of all that is good and gory, would you please please please explain the different phases of werewolves in this show? The alpha is the only one who can change fully. Scott and Derek, not being alphas, can only half-change. What the hell is Jackson? Werewolf-lite? He has a lot of the same symptoms, but doesn't actually shift. This is seriously bothering me - way more than it should.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Kate teaches Alison how to use a taser gun - on her teddy bear.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

The teenage melodrama was especially rampant in tonight's episode. I get it, these are high school kids, and high school is an utter suck-fest. But when the melodrama is combined with horror and suspense, it just feels out of place - especially because I want to get back to the suspense.


Alison takes up self-defense. Argent questions his daughter on how well she knows Derek. Jackson dumps Lydia and figures out that he and Scott have superpowers like a heightened sense of hearing. I predict that they bond over their abilities, come up with their own secret language, and become bestest buddies.