TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.2 - 'You Smell Like Dinner'


True Blood Episode 4.2

"You Smell Like Dinner"

Written By: Brian Buckner

Directed By: Scott Winant

Original Airdate: 3 July 2011

In This Episode...

Sookie is both annoyed and scared that Eric has bought her house. He claims he did it to protect her, but he wants power over her. Against her better judgement she goes to Bill for help. Bill had previously "covered" for her while she was in fairy world, telling people she was on an errand for him so other vamps wouldn't get wind of her sweet, sweet fairy blood. Sookie is surprised to find Bill is now the vampire king, his house now looks like a GQ layout, and he has armed guards patrolling the perimeter. The guards tell Bill she is coming, and he makes sure that she walks in as he and Katie are getting dressed after a suck-and-fuck fest. She begs him for help to get her house back from Eric. Even though Bill is the king in these parts, Eric has older and more powerful friends. Bill will see what he can do but in the meantime, Sookie should take up residency in another human's house. Between the witches, the vamps, and the various shifters in Bon Temps, she may have to leave town for that.

Jason wakes to find himself strapped to a bed in Hotshot. Crystal saunters in, crazy as ever, with Fenton right behind her. She has a way for them to "be together forever." She and Fenton have been unable to conceive a child, so Fenton has given her "permission" to be impregnated by Jason. The catch? He must become a werepanther to keep the bloodlines pure. She and Fenton shift, and feast on Jason's torso.

Jessica offers Hoyt some of her blood to heal his black eye. "I don't want any of that shit," he tells her, to which she takes offense. He explains that he doesn't want to get hooked on V, and Jess offers to go get him some Advil, but she leaves angry. Instead of going to the drug store, she heads towards Fangtasia and seeks out the boy she flirted with the night before. The two sneak off into the bathroom so Jess can feed off him, and Sookie (who is at the bar waiting to talk to Eric) catches them. Jess is still angry at Sookie for breaking Bill's heart and tells her to stop acting like her stepmom.

Tara rolls back into Bon Temps when she hears that Sookie is back. They have a joyous reunion, then Tara heads over to visit Lafayette and Jesus. The boys drag her to a coven meeting, but as soon as Holly announces that Marnie wants to resurrect a human being, she's out, with Lafayette at her heels. Before they can get out, Eric storms in and tells the coven they must disband. See, if the witches are necromancers, and can raise the dead, that means they can control vampires. Bill just came in to power; he doesn't want to lose it. Eric sees no need to wait for permission from the AVL, so he just walks in to the coven. Tara and Lafayette are freaked out. She grabs a makeshift stake, but drops it when Eric grabs her. The coven members join hands and chant. Things turn stormy in the shop, and Eric sees flashes of a young woman in Marnie's face. He lets go of Tara and leaves in a quiet daze.

Sookie finds Eric wandering the streets after this. He is still in a daze and has no idea who Sookie is... but wants to know why she smells so good.

Also: Sam gets romantic with Luna, one of the other shifters in his group. Tommy follows Sam to his shifter meeting; he just wants to form some kind of brotherly bond. In a flashback, we see that Nan recruited Bill in the 1980s to "be a spy" and try to get vampires into the mainstream. Andy is back on the V.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was engrossing, but it felt unexceptional. It was a set-up episode. Right now I am dying to find out what is going to happen to Jason. Will he actually become a werepanther? Or will they just maul him to death? The whole Hotshot storyline is so fucked up, it's like a train wreck you can't turn away from.

I'm not crazy about Eric's amnesia sub-plot. Amnesia storylines tend to become hackneyed and cliched. Let me guess: Eric will forget he is a vampire. He won't be able to understand these deep hunger pains until instinct finally takes over. And so far, I am not loving the witch storyline, but I will try to reserve judgement until that plot is fully fleshed out. If they introduce zombies, True Blood will have officially jumped the shark - and yet I think that might make me love it more.

Blood Count

In flashback, we get to see how Bill came to be the vampire king. With a backup of guards armed with wooden bullets, he and Sophie-Anne fight. The guards fire, and we get to see Sophie-Anne's demise in glorious detail. From the side, you see the bullet rip through her, leaving a trail of blood. It is almost in slow motion. Once the bullet has passed, she explodes in a geyser of blood - first up, then out in all directions. Nan comes in, asks Bill if he found out what was so special about Sookie. He says it turns out there was nothing special, and by the power invested in her by the one true vampire authority, Nan now pronounces him the vampire king of Louisiana. Now...

Biting Humor

"...Clean yourself up," Nan admonishes Bill. "You are covered in queen."

Myths Revamped

According to Nan, when she is recruiting Bill to join the AVL, Louis Pasteur is a vampire, and he is the one developing the synthetic blood substitute.


I think it is safe to say that Jason isn't mauled quite to death by Crystal and Fenton. Like I said earlier, Eric is going to forget he is a vampire. And the coven is about to get serious.