TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.7 - 'In the Cold Grey Light of Dawn'


True Blood Episode 4.7

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

Written By: Alexander Woo

Directed By: Michael Ruscio

Original Airdate: 7 August 2011

In This Episode...

Marnie kills Katie when she comes in to check on the prisoner situation. She sends Luis to Bill with a message that Antonia is back, and she is ready for revenge. Bill and Luis fight; Bill is the victor. He sends out an edict to all vampires of Louisiana: leave the state. If you choose to stay, bind yourselves in silver for your own protection: a pissed-off witch is going to try to make you walk in the sun. Eric takes shelter in his cubby with Sookie; Pam sleeps beneath a silver chainmail blanket in her super-girly pink satin coffin; Jess and Bill bind themselves to bed, locked behind the silver bars of a prison cell.

Tara is upset by her encounter with Pam and forces Naomi to leave without her. Drunk and depressed, she wanders the back roads until Marnie finds her. Tara fears her until she hears what Marnie-Antonia has to say about vampires. Then she is all-in, and goes about recruiting witches for the circle. Things get intense. The circle chants. Marnie levitates. And vampires throughout Bon Temps have an uncontrollable urge to walk in the sun. By sheer dumb luck, Jess frees herself, kills a guard, and breaks out into the daylight.

Also: Sam and Luna figure out that it was Tommy who slept with her. Sam and Luna seem to have made up, but Sam nearly kills Tommy in his fury. Instead, he sends the kid packing. Lafayette is revealed to be a medium, someone who can communicate with the dead (the dead-dead, not the vampire living-dead). I'm not sure how, but suddenly Lafayette is back in the kitchen at Merlotte's, so either I missed something or he was astral-projecting himself. Either way, while in the kitchen, he sees the same singing woman in vintage clothing that baby Mikey sees. Jason is feeling incredibly guilty about his attraction to Jess, but when he hears about the witch's curse, he races to Bill's house to protect her. And Pam goes through an excruciating regimen to preserve whatever beauty she may still have.

Dig It or Bury It?

Tonight's episode was strangely somber. Solemn. I don't remember any other episode of True Blood ever being this serious. Genuinely serious, not just dark. It was an interesting tonal shift that is hard to put into words. The vamps silvering themselves up, some with loved ones, just trying to make it through the day, almost made it feel like a season finale.

The Pam stuff tonight was just priceless. This strangely-proportioned little old lady performs some kind of full-body chemical peel, then tells her they can replace the flesh that has rotted away with six injections - administered four times a day, for all eternity. The makeup they did for Pam tonight was just incredible - each week, her decay becomes more and more spectacular.

Biting Humor

When Katie enters the vampire prison, she is playing Plants vs. Zombies on her iPad.

Some tourists start snapping pictures of Pam as she attacks Tara, claiming that TMZ will pay thousands for a real vampire attack video. One tourist sees Pam's rotting visage and mistakes her for a zombie. Another woman yells out, "We have zombies now?"

Ass Factor

Eric and Sookie are still having sex in the forest. Then in her foyer. Then on the couch. Then in the bedroom. When they are finally resting in postcoital bliss, Sookie remarks that they left their clothing in the forest. Apparently they fucked themselves home.


Bill meets with Antonia, and Sookie and Eric stand by his side. Meanwhile, Tara is a little disillusioned by Marnie's circle. She wanted to defend herself, not kill excessively.