TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.8 - 'Spellbound'

True Blood Episode 4.8


Written By: Alan Ball

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Original Airdate: 14 August 2011

In This Episode...

Jason tackles Jessica just as she greets the sun. Safely indoors, Jess tries to fang him. The spell is broken, she snaps out of it, and they kiss deeply. Jason returns her to the basement with Bill and rebinds her in silver. The witches have stopped chanting, but Bill is concerned that they are being led into a false sense of security, so they must remain bound until sun down. While bound, Jess dreams of breaking up with Hoyt. It doesn't go well in her dream, but when the sun goes down and it is safe for her to go home, she does it anyway. Hoyt is furious, tells her he deserves someone better, and rescinds her invitation to the house. Distraught, Jess goes straight to Jason. He is freaked out that she dumped his best friend (and obviously feels guilty), so he rescinds her invitation to his home.

Sookie un-silvers Eric, and agrees to let him feed on her so he may heal. He then offers her his own blood so they can "be one." In some kind of weird, romantic haze, they make love in a bed in the middle of Narnia. Back in Sookie's bed, Eric suggests they run away together so he will never regain his memory. Sookie insists they can't - they must stand with Bill against the witches. Bill is worried about Sookie's safety, but he welcomes their help.

Bill meets Antonia in the cemetery at midnight (natch). It is Bill, Sookie, Eric, and Pam against Antonia, Tara, and the rest of the coven. Bill's proposal: he guarantees safety for Antonia, and the true death for anyone who dares attack her. In return, all he asks is that she undo the spells placed on Eric and Pam (whose new cosmetic routine is doing wonders for her complexion). Sookie hears Antonia's thoughts and warns Bill that she is casting a spell. Bill calls his human guards out from the shadows, since she can't control them. Eric panics and in a flash, rips the heart out of one of the witches, and chaos ensues. It is a bloodbath in the cemetery (complete with cliched fog swirling around). Tara is surprised when Bill saves her from Pam's fangs. Sookie is shot, and both Eric and Bill feel it. I'm not sure where Bill is, but Eric cannot react because Antonia puts him under another spell, and he becomes as obedient as a puppy. Alcide happens to be in the neighborhood and he hears the scuffle in the woods. He rushes Sookie to safety. Debbie, who followed him in wolf form out of insane jealousy, shifts back to human form and is damn pissed.

Also: The ghost Mavis is back. In dreams, Lafayette sees that, back in the 1950s, Mavis was returning home with a doll (the same doll that Jess gifted to Mikey) for her baby. She sees her boyfriend coming out of her home. He is white, and married, and the father of her illegitimate child. He killed their baby. Mavis possesses Lafayette, and s/he goes to the Bellfleur house and kidnaps Mikey. Meanwhile, Tommy shifts into Maxine to score that gas credit money, and ends up passing out in the woods from the exertion. Sam and Luna make up, and we learn that Alcide's new pack master, Marcus, is Luna's ex.

Dig It or Bury It?

I have noticed an interesting trend this season. While watching True Blood, I am completely absorbed in the show, and it has my utmost attention. But then I sit down to write this review and looking back on the episode, I find myself underwhelmed. There are no surprises. Of course Jason was going to save Jessica. It was obvious that Jessica's first attempt at breaking up with Hoyt was a dream. Marcus had to be Luna's ex - that was a given. Possibly the only surprise I have seen all season is the fact that Bill is keeping is jealousy under remarkable control.

Bonus points go to this episode for the use of Siouxsie & the Banshees's "Spellbound" in the closing credits.

Ass Factor

Sookie and Eric were the only two who got naked this week. Nothing particularly special, though  I must say, Eric has a fantastic ass.

Blood Count

This is the first episode of the season that has seen some respectable gore. Still nowhere close to anything from last season, but it is enough. Eric triumphant with the heart of a witch in his bloody hand. Tara shoots a vampire and it explodes all over her, nearly causing her to vomit. In addition there was some decent action. Honorable mention goes to Eric's de-silvering. The silver chains around his neck had started to fuse to his skin. He implored Sookie to rip it off in one fell swoop, like a Band-Aid, and she does, leaving a huge bloody swath in its wake.


It's all about Sookie next week. Alcide gets her to safety, and with Eric under Antonia's control, it is up to Bill to save her.