TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.9 - 'Let's Get Out of Here'


True Blood Episode 4.9

"Let's Get Out of Here"

Written By: Brian Buckner

Directed By: Romeo Tirone

Original Airdate: 21 August 2011

In This Episode...

Let me put your mind at ease: Sookie is fine. Bill took her home, forced some of his blood down her throat, and healed her right up. She asked for Eric immediately upon waking, but Bill was so relieved to see her awake that he didn't get jealous. Sookie later has a dream where both vamps are trying to seduce her, making her choose. Sookie finally wises up, tells them she is in love with both of them, and instead of her belonging to one of them, they can both belong to you. They seal the deal with a three-way fang-bang. In the dream, of course.

Things between the witches and the vampires are hitting critical mass. Antonia (she becomes enraged if you call her Marnie) now has Eric under her spell, and brings him back to Moon Goddess with her. When Tara questions her motives, and other coven members agree, Antonia casts a spell and holds them hostage. When Sookie breaks into the coven to rescue Eric, Tara threatens her with a gun while telling her with her mind they are being held hostage and must go save Bill. Sookie "rushes" Tara and escapes. She makes it to the hotel where Bill and Nan are holding their Tolerance Festival to warn Bill, who is giving a speech. She is just a little too late. Antonia, Eric, and three vampire guards she picked up along the way are waiting in the balconies. They kill Bill's guards and chaos ensues on the convention floor.

There was so much more going on in this episode. Lafayette-as-Mavis takes Mikey to Hoyt's house (apparently, this was her house way back in the day). She throws Hoyt out at gunpoint, and Hoyt calls Jason, who is with Andy, Arlene, and Terry. They all roll up to Hoyt's house. When talking sense into Lafayette doesn't work, a standoff ensues until Jesus shows up (Arlene called). He talks to Mavis, convincing her that he is a brujo and she is in the wrong place. With her trust gained, he makes her relive that tragic night. She remembers where her baby was buried, beneath a nearby tree. Jesus digs until he finds both her and her baby's skeletal remains. Mavis finally gets to hold her baby one last time, she is at peace, and vacates Lafayette's body.

Also: Debbie declares a truce with Sookie, who reads her thoughts and decides to trust her, even though Debbie is back on the V. Alcide tells Marcus that he wants to move up the ranks of the pack to please Debbie. Marcus is pleased to hear that, and wants Alcide to be his backup when he meets with his ex's new beau. Instead of Sam showing up, it is a shifted Tommy. He gets the shit beat out of him, loses the shift, and Alcide must rescue him. Didn't Alcide meet Sam? Wouldn't he have known who he was the moment "Sam" entered? Sam, meanwhile, is camping with Luna and Emma to get their minds off Marcus. And Jessica and Jason finally have sex. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was far superior to last week's episode. This was a surprisingly funny, wacky episode. There was a lot going on. It wasn't too syrupy or romance-y. I am pleased that Sookie finally grew a pair and told Eric and Bill that it was both of them or none - even if it was in a dream. That scene could have been so much hotter - basically it was just Sookie in lingerie between the two of them, kissing Eric, then Bill, then both of them fanging her. There are still three more episodes this season, so there is time.

I feel like Mavis's storyline was wrapped up too quickly, and without much impact. It was almost like filler. I am hoping that she will prove to have more meaning by the end of the season. However, I have been hoping for that from the fairy storyline, and so far that hasn't materialized (outside of Sookie's wuss dreams). And for fuck's sake, please bring back Gary Cole!

Ass Factor

It was a "brief nudity" week. We almost-almost-almost got to see a naked Jessica this week. By next season, I suspect she will go nude. There is a nice - and completely gratuitous - shot of Alcide's ass.

Biting Humor

This episode was particularly funny. The standoff outside Hoyt's house was flat-out slapstick. Hoyt is packing up Jessica's stuff and throwing it into a box labeled "For you, monster." And in the "out of the mouths of babes" categories comes this nugget from Emma: "I hope I turn out to be a shifter and not a werewolf. Because if I am a shifter, I can turn into a bunny and pet myself." Aw.


The "scenes for next week" are becoming more and more oblique. Tonight's preview was a mish-mosh of scenes of generic screaming, kissing, threatening and fighting.