TV Review: 'Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell'



Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is a new live-action series on Adult Swim. It’s kind of a cross between Reaper and The Office. Gary is an associate, trying to climb up the corporate ladder in Hell. Unfortunately, Gary is lazy and incompetent, which makes advancement difficult.

In the midseason episode I watched, Gary talks a stoned hippie into killing the lead singer of a jam band. While at the concert, he loses his wallet, which contained his summon word. Gary is the kind of guy who whose summon word is “summonword” - and he needs it written down to remember it. It is a weird, wacky mix of dark humor (when a hippie tattoos “summonword” on his leg, Gary’s first response is to cut off his leg) and demonic pinnings (Gary must get people to sign their souls over on contracts made of human skin). 

Like all of Adult Swim’s original live-action content, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is about 12-minutes per episode and don’t necessarily have to be watched in order to be enjoyed. I have not been a huge fan of  Adult Swim’s live-action offerings in the past; I find them frequently weird for the sake of weird (as opposed to being weird with a meaning) or a collection of scenes and imagery with little plot or through-line.  Your Pretty Face is weird and wacky, but there is a plot; there is a point to it all. It’s not necessarily a “deep” meaning, but I’m not looking for “thinking” shows when watching something on Adult Swim. I am looking for something silly, something that will make me laugh, and something that is just mindless entertainment. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell gives me all of that. There are far, far worse ways to spend 12 minutes.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell premieres on April 18th at midnight during the Adult Swim block of programming on Cartoon Network.