'Two and a Half Men' -- 'Supernatural' Episode 6.2


Supernatural Episode 6.2
“Two and a Half Men”
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 1 October 2010

In This Episode...

Sam is investigating a string of murders: four couples killed, their babies kidnapped.  Sam wonders if this isn’t just an earthly monster, until he figures out that all the homes are monitored by the same security company.  Finding a fifth nearby home that fits the profile, he investigates.  Mom and dad are already dead.  Sam scuffles with a shifter, who is scared off when he is slashed with silver.  Sam finds the baby, hidden under some blankets, unscathed.

Scared more by the baby than by the shifter, Sam calls Dean, who reluctantly meets with his brother when he hears about the baby.  Dean joins up with Sam for this one case.  Their first order of business is to stop at a grocery store and pick up baby necessities.  While there, the three of them are attacked by a shifter disguised as a kindly old woman.  The boys hole up in a motel.   Dean babysits, Sam goes to interview a baby daddy, who was estranged from his wife and was not killed.  They separated when she turned up pregnant and there was no physical way he could be the father.  Sam puts the pieces together: the shifters are the fathers.  Dean has figured this out as well: the baby exploded into blood and mucus, and when he went to the crib, the little white baby was now a black baby, covered in yellow goo.

The motel “manager” comes by - turns out to be a shifter.  Dean battles it, but Sam saves the day at the last minute by putting a bullet through the creature.  Desperate for a safehouse, Sam convinces an untrusting Dean to go to Samuel and the cousins.  Dean is very protective of the baby, and doesn’t like the idea of it being raised with hunters.  The shifter returns in the form of Samuel.  Sam and Dean hide with the baby in the panic room, while the others fight the shifter.  The shifter seems impervious to the barrage of bullets and tranquilizer darts he is hit with.  The shifter then heads to the panic room in the shape of Sam, then finally Dean.  He chokes out Dean, and takes the baby.

Status: Dean is untrusting of Sam because Sam used the baby as bait, and no one has an answer as to why he is back from hell.  Samuel is on the phone with someone, saying he is not sure if he “wants to find it.”  Unable to choose between hunting and his new family, Dean and Lisa compromise: he goes hunting with his brother, and comes home to her and Ben whenever he wants, as long as he doesn’t bring his paranoia with him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was kind of hoping the baby would be a demonic, flesh-eating baby, so I was a little disappointed that the most dangerous thing about it was its dirty diaper.  I am getting the feeling that Sam didn’t come back as the old Sam.  Maybe he isn’t actually Sam at all.   But there is definitely something wrong there.

I felt that this episode, compared to last week’s episode, had more action, more humor, and in general felt more Supernatural.  I still liked the season premiere, but the tempered pace of that episode would not last the whole season.  It’s nice to see Dean back on the road - he seemed truly  happy to be taking the Chevy where it belongs.

Blood Brothers

Reasonable amounts of blood this week.  All the parents were torn apart.  The opening scene was especially icky.  The young mother racing desperately through the house, her and her baby covered in blood.  They hide under the bed, and mom is relieved when the footsteps pass the room... until she looks over and realizes she is laying in her dead husband’s blood.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean is truly suspicious of Sam’s new “crew.”  I would be too - one of the cousins was Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.  They argue weakly about it, but I suspect it will be a major source of friction.

On a more literal note, there are a few minutes that Dean is battling the shifter in Sam’s form.

Spooky Humor

When Dean finally sees what Sam desperately needed his help with, Sam says, “Welcome to the party, Guttenberg.”  Props to the writers for working in a Three Men and a Baby reference.  Watching the boys trying to care for the baby was pretty funny too, especially because I totally identified with them.  In the supermarket, the baby is crying, and Dean, frustrated, starts crying right back at it - a tactic that I have on occasion used when I have been in the presence of crying babies.


Cas is back, and he needs help, as some crazy weapons have been stolen from heaven.  It seems like an oxymoron that heaven stockpiles weapons.