'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Preview


The Walking Dead really knows how to open a season. In the past, I have been underwhelmed by the middle episodes, but they open strong and finish strong. So far, season three does not disappoint in this manner.

Season three picks up about eight months or so after season two ended - evidenced by Lori’s bulging belly. She is “watch your shoes” pregnant. Our crew has changed a lot in the last eight months. They have a grim determination, a resignation to the new world order. They survive, but it seems that they are going through the motions - there is no “fight” left behind the eyes. The relationships are the most startling part about the season premiere. Carl has grown up a lot; Rick is full of anger and will barely speak to Lori; between her son who hates her, her husband who all but avoids her, and the imminent arrival of the baby, Lori is a mess; Glenn and Maggie are madly in love; Carol seems to truly be coming into her own.

Team Rick comes upon the prison in the first episode, and things change - everyone is cautiously optimistic. Of course, there is a spectacular amount of zombie killing, but if they can secure a few areas, it stands to reason that they could be safe - really safe. Other non-spoilery things I feel safe in telling you is that we do spend some time with Michonne in episode one, but we do not see The Governor or Merle yet.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14th. As I’m sure you know, Dish Network has not settled their disagreement with AMC Networks, so if you are on Dish, and for some reason haven’t switched carriers in time, you can watch the season premiere live at