We Preview Season Seven of 'Dexter'


Let’s do a quick recap here (though, really, how could you forget where we last left Dexter?) Season six sucked, until the final 30 seconds or so, when Deb walks in on Dexter killing the “big bad” in his typical, highly ritualized style. There is absolutely no denying what she saw. Then we have ten months of pure hell while we wait for season seven to start up.

The wait is almost over; Dexter returns to Showtime on September 30th. It was worth the wait. I have seen the first three episodes of the new season, and they are good. Really, really good. I don’t think fans will be disappointed. 

Season seven picks up almost exactly where we left off (it opens with another scene which I think is meant as a misdirect, but it fails since the producers have been very open about the fact that season seven picks up precisely where season six ended): Deb finding Dexter killing the guy she was there to arrest. The first couple minutes of the episode have been floating around the internet for a few months now, so (spoiler alert) you know Deb does not arrest Dexter.

What follows is an intriguing morality dilemma, one that I touched upon in my “What Will Deb Do?” article. Even though it is still Dexter’s show - we follow him and we hear his inner monologue as we have the past six years - this is really Debra’s season. Does she buy the story Dexter feeds her? Can she let it go? I really don’t know what else to say about the Deb/Dex problem that wouldn’t be spoilery, and if you are even half as involved in this show as I am, you definitely want to wait to see the show.

I will say that, having seen three episodes of season seven, it seems like season six was purely filler to get to this season. A lot of the storylines that were introduced last year - namely, the Ice Truck Killer hand - figure strongly in this season. This season, there are a number of cases and storylines, but unlike season six, which felt like a lot of stories were filler, the storylines all tie in together, cross paths, relate to one another. It is actually an intricately woven story arc this season that is beautiful at a technical level. I should stress that there are no “surprises” thus far. The story proceeds in a logical fashion, and anyone can see where the story is going. What sets it apart is the subtlety in the scripts, and the intense emotions conveyed by actors Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. I would be shocked if Carpenter didn’t win an Emmy for this season (or at least a nomination.)

If there is one piece of advice that I can give, it is that, if you can, DVR the first episode but don’t watch it until the following week, when you can watch it with episode two. Episode two was a weaker episode than one and three, but one ends on a “holy fuck” note that begs immediate follow-up. 

Then again, I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t wait.

I am way too obsessed with this show.

Dexter premieres September 30th on Showtime.