We Preview 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Four


You know that I love The Vampire Diaries. I have been a long-time defender of the show that, on the surface, looks like a Twilight clone, but underneath is as brutal and violent as anything else on television.

I am a little worried that this season may make me a liar.

First off, I have only seen the first two episodes of the season, and by the time we got to the end of the second episode, there was definitely some fun stuff going on.

When we last left season three, Elena died in a car accident - but had vampire blood in her system. When the season ended, Elena sat upright on the coroner’s gurney, gasping for breath. So when we open season four, Elena is in limbo, neither alive nor dead. She has three options: one, turn vampire; two, die; or three, hope Bonnie can figure out a third option. I am not even going to hint at what the outcome might be, but suffice it to say, as the options are being weighed, there is a lot of sappy / weepy / smoochy stuff.

That’s not to say that is all the new season has to offer, so let’s try to focus on the stuff that, I’m certain, FEARnet readers are far more interested in. We have a new “big bad” this season, a ferocious vampire hunter with a warped moral compass and new toys up his sleeve. There is also a faint undercurrent of religious tension, but I cannot say anything more without giving away details that are more fun to discover on your own.

Looking past all the relationshippy stuff (my husband says I have no empathy, but that “normal” people would find at least some of it sweet) there are definitely some signatures of classic Vampire Diaries in there, so I have hope that the season will pick up by episode three or four. They haven’t let me down before.