We Review the ‘Fringe' Season 2 Premiere


Let's cut to the chase: Fringe is going to be good this season.  The season premiere, "A New Day in the Old Town" opened with me exclaiming, "Oh wow" and finished with me cheering.  I don't want to give too much of the episode's surprises away, but it picks up right where last season left off.  Olivia is in a car accident on the way back from her trans-dimensional meeting, and when she wakes, she's speaking in tongues, terrified out of her mind, and can't remember a damn thing.  The "big bad" of this episode is a shapeshifter who possesses bodies by attaching a weird electrode to the roof of the victim's mouth.

This episode was fast-paced, though not necessarily action-packed.  More of a standalone than mythology episode, "A New Day in the Old Town" set up a couple new storylines that will obviously be important throughout this season.  One of them, though pretty obvious once you start watching, is not one I want to give away.  The powers that be are shutting down Fringe Division (pay attention for an X-Files homage) for lack of results, but Peter isn't giving up without a fight.  He turns over the shapeshifting machine as proof of tech from another universe – and promises the government that they can make their armies look however they want.  Sounds like Peter is starting to slip back into his shady ways…

Also in this episode was the introduction of a new agent, Jessup, who Peter picked up like a stray dog at the scene of Olivia's accident.  I do not like her, though the end of the episode showed that she has a devious purpose – Jessup seems to be using Fringe files to prove the existence of a God or prove that armagedon is imminent, or something like that.  She's comparing Fringe notes to passages in the Bible.  Anyway, for the most part she just felt like a cheap replacement for Olivia, who was hospitalized most of the episode.  And with actress Anna Torv pregnant (right?) I guess they needed another chick in the show.

If the rest of the season is as good as this first episode, I'm seriously going to go crazy waiting each week for the next episode.  It's almost enough for me to want to TiVo all the episodes so I can watch them back-to-back… almost.

Even if you didn't watch Fringe last season, start now.