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12/28/2011 - 9:15pm

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12/28/2011 - 8:27pm

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12/28/2011 - 8:23pm

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12/22/2011 - 5:12am
Following Vivien's death, Ben has Constance watch the baby while he sets the funeral arrangements. When he comes to collect the child, Constance throws a fit and tells Ben the baby isn't safe in that house. Ben sees a photo of Tate and Addy and puts the pieces together, but seems to have a hard time believing Tate is a ghost.
12/21/2011 - 5:01am
After years of speculation and anticipation, Deb has finally seen Dexter murder someone. I think the scene was brilliantly done: it was simple, it was understated, it was logical. And it took my mind off an otherwise subpar season.
12/20/2011 - 5:09pm

Gears of War 3 wrapped up the trilogy in a fa