Shock Till You Drop - 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Movie Review


An audacious concept and over the top action sequences make Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter worth checking out as long as you're on board for vampire killing presidents.

This film is based on the book by Seth Grahame-Smith. Everyone thinks that they know the story of Abraham Lincoln, but the truth is far stranger than the fiction. As a young boy, Abraham Lincoln's mother is killed by a vampire known as Jack Barts. Lincoln grows up seeking vengeance on the monster, but when he has his chance to kill Barts, he finds himself woefully unprepared. He is only saved at the last second by a vampire hunter named Henry Sturgess. Sturgess takes Lincoln under his wing as an apprentice vampire hunter. Lincoln refines his fighting skills and vampire hunting techniques. When he is ready, Sturgess sends Lincoln to Springfield, Illinois to start ridding the town of vampires, but Lincoln finds himself torn between his duty as a vampire killer, his blooming political career, and his newfound love for Mary Todd.


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