A famed explorer goes missing in the Amazon. Years later, his emergency beacon turns on and his wife and son head into the Green Inferno to find him.
The 'Vampire Diaries' spinoff follows original vampires Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah as they return to New Orleans and fight to regain control of the city from Klaus's former protege Marcel.
High school is tough for anyone. High school can be murder if you are a teenage werewolf. A dark, serious take on the 1980s film.
An abandoned asylum is converted into posh apartment buildings but, naturally, the former inhabitants are haunting the current ones.
Dracula poses as an American entrepreneur in London in the hopes of destroying the Order of the Dragon, a cabal that killed Dracula's wife.
An anthology series with a new plot and new characters every season, but each one dealing with common American “horrors” in very uncommon ways.
A reality competition series that placed contestants in real-life horror movie scenarios.
A look at the Salem witch trials - through the eyes of actual witches.
Nope, this is not the beginning of a joke: a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire become roommates and try to live “human” lives.
A rash of child abductions mar the otherwise idyllic town of Haplin, MN. After a decade of peace, the crimes start up again and old scars are torn wide open.