A reality competition series that placed contestants in real-life horror movie scenarios.
A look at the Salem witch trials - through the eyes of actual witches.
Nope, this is not the beginning of a joke: a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire become roommates and try to live “human” lives.
A rash of child abductions mar the otherwise idyllic town of Haplin, MN. After a decade of peace, the crimes start up again and old scars are torn wide open.
A vicious, violent serial killer escapes prison with the help of a cult of true believers who will stop at nothing to make sure their master’s plan comes to fruition.
Before Hannibal Lecter was imprisoned for murder and cannibalism, he was a psychiatrist. Hannibal is set in this time period, though the focus is on Will Graham, the emotionally unstable but brilliant FBI profiler who is his patient and friend.
A recently orphaned teen moves to her mother's hometown to live with her grandmother. It is there that she learns about her family's secret history of witchcraft, and finds herself in a coven with the children of the members of her mother's own coven.
Everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter lives by a strict code, yet one that unravels a little bit more every season.
Humanity must fight to save themselves against swarms of alien invaders who want to turn humans into slaves.
An FBI agent works with a mad scientist to try to correct side effects from insane experiments conducted decades ago. Along the way they deal with human monsters, telekinesis, and an alternate universe.