Japan's Suicide Forest
100's have taken there lives in these woods
Top 10 Body Horror Films
03/13/2012 - 6:36pm

Jake Gyllenhaal has chased a serial killer before, in David Fin

03/13/2012 - 6:11pm

Universal's upcoming Battleship (yes, the movie b

03/13/2012 - 7:36am

Though his most recent film, A Dangerous Method

03/13/2012 - 6:59am

If you're feeling down that you didn't get to see [REC

03/13/2012 - 5:41am
Josh gets a huge surprise when Stu shows up at the hospital. Stu was the friend Josh went camping with who did not survive the werewolf attack.
03/13/2012 - 2:56am

It's no secret that I'm kinda sweet on horror-themed meta