Season 1

Episode 1
"Blackmail" Mr. Lomax (a blind recluse with an unusual hobby), Robert (a telekinetic dwarf), Mr. Jelly (an embittered clown), David (a serial-killer-obsessed man-child) and Joy (a deranged midwife) all receive the ominous message: "I know what you did."
Episode 2
"Lomax" Mr. Lomax enlists the help of his care-worker Michael in the quest to complete his unusual collection of "commodities" and they soon enter into an eBay bidding war.
Episode 3
"Jelly" The plot continues to thicken as Mr. Jelly, the one-handed children's entertainer, reveals how he ended up that way. Meanwhile, Mr. Lomax travels to the private auction of Snappy the Crocodile, in Dudley.
Episode 4
David and Maureen
"David and Maureen" David and his mum Maureen continue their killing spree – three people, one room, one body in a trunk... The pair are mid-murder when an unexpected visitor throws them into a panic. But who is the mystery caller?
Episode 5
"Joy" David and Maureen lure their next victim to a waxwork museum and David finds himself treated to advice from some unlikely sources. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly explains to Mr. Jelly the reason why the blackmail letters are being sent.
Episode 6
"Robert" Robert uses Debbie's amnesia for his own purposes and more-than-cross words fly through the air. Mr. Jelly is entertaining the folk at an old people's home when a telephone call from Mr. Jolly plunges him back into danger.
Episode 7
"Ravenhill" One by one, the guilty parties arrive back at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital. Who has summoned them there, and for what terrible purpose?
Episode 8
Halloween Special
"Halloween Special" Four tales of terror unfold as location manager Phil Walker investigates the abandoned ruins of Ravenhill Psychiactric hospital. Does the ghost of evil Governess Edwina Kenchington still walk the empty corridors?

Season 2

Episode 1
"Jolly" The survivors of the explosion at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital are reunited by a burial.
Episode 2
"Hattie" The search for the missing locket continues with the investigation turning to Christopher Biggins for answers. Meanwhile, we find out what happened to Robert and Kerry as we return to the mysterious cottage in the woods.
Episode 3
"Jeremy" Mr. Lomax reveals more about his past and his hatred for Tony Hancock becomes clear. Meanwhile Mr. Jelly arrives at a booking meant to be for Mr. Jolly and hopes no one will tell the difference.
Episode 4
Silent Singer
"Silent Singer" Desperate measures are called for as Jeremy Goode searches for the missing library book. Mrs. Wren is in peril from several parties and only one man can save her. But will he be bothered?
Episode 5
Tea Leaf
"Tea Leaf" With danger mounting and few witnesses left, Tealeaf, with the help of Peter Bishop, tries to solve the mystery of the locket. Things don't quite go to plan. Elsewhere, once again Jelly becomes Jolly with unexpected results.
Episode 6
"Grace" The secret of the missing locket is finally exposed and the enormity of what is at stake revealed. But are there enough characters left alive to care?