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Season 1

Episode 1
While the Cat's Away
For money to buy a trendy dirtbike, brothers Dwight and Stu decide to rob a mansion. Inside the house the brothers startlingly find zombies, vampires, and werewolves. After fighting these creatures the brothers no longer need the thrill of dirt-biking.
Episode 2
Through a magical magnifying glass, young brothers Teddy and Rick shrink down to the size of the ants that they were just killing. The tiny boys intelligently befriend the ants. Now, though, they all must survive attacks of the three-year-old, Becky.
Episode 3
Pleasant Screams
When Daryl tries to transfer into a creative writing class, her current English teacher Mr. Purdy refuses to accommodate her request. During the night Mr. Purdy has unusual and terrifying nightmares, each containing students from his course.
Episode 4
Gone Fishin'
This two part episode begins with the story of a boy who goes fishing with his Uncle Ned. Ned leaves fish to die on the beach, which compels the fish to rise from the sea for revenge. Part two tells the story of two criminals who build an evil racecar.
Episode 5
The Sleeping Beauty
The vain Prince Charming and his brother venture to find Sleeping Beauty so that Prince Charming can kiss her and gain all of her wealth. When the men finally reach the castle, Sleeping Beauty emerges. She, though, is not a princess. She is a vampire.
Episode 6
The Works... In Wax
After the death of Rottmucker, Rottmucker's Wax Museum is being taken by a shady lawyer, Boswick. Craig, a fan of the museum, visits the wax monsters. Within the museum, the monsters come to life and act out the scenes into which they were molded.
Episode 7
Cave Man
On his birthday, Peter wants to spend time with his father. Peter's father, however, will not be home because he has to work at the museum on a caveman exhibit. Out of frustration, Peter lets the caveman out of his cage and shows him around the town.
Episode 8
Hyde and Go Shriek
The jock and bully, Rex, releases Wendell’s pet rat. This is the last bullying act that Wendell, the school nerd, will allow. By drinking a potion, Wendell transforms into a werewolf, giving him the power he needs to teach Rex a lesson.
Episode 9
Fare Tonight
The news announces that a vampire roams the streets during the night. Within the town, two vampire-obsessed friends, Camille and Mildred, decide to solve this mystery. During their hunt the girls discover the vampire is someone they never expected.
Episode 10
Gorilla's Paw
Walter will do anything to join "Kingpin" Seldon’s secret club. The members of this club agree to accept Walter if he steals a powerful gorilla’s paw. Walter obtains the paw but must conquer greater and more daring challenges before he can join the club.
Episode 11
This Wraps it Up
A sandstorm changes the plans of a class field trip and results in the students watching two researchers excavating an Egyptian tomb. The only girl on the trip has premonitions that tell her that the "researchers" are about to release a curse.
Episode 12
Grounds for Horror
At Camp Rockbottom boys are not expected to have fun because they are supposed to become men. While at the camp, Petey and his friends complain but the counselors will not listen. A monster appears to help the boys have fun.
Episode 13
Ghost Ship
In the dark of the night, rebellious teens Mike and Ben steal Ben's dad's boat. During their cruise, the boat sinks and the two boys are left floating on their boogie-boards. Fortunately a pirate ship appears to make their adventure more memorable.
Episode 14
Game Over
Friends Vince and Buddy constantly ditch school to play the video game "Monster Attack". One day when the boys skip school to play this game, the game comes to life. This real-life battle might even be scarier than the thought of attending class.
Episode 15
Cold Blood Warm Hearts
The first story is about a teenager, Kristin, who tries to sneakily stop a fisherman from capturing a sea monster. The second story is about a town crawling with spiders that needs the help of a mysterious man who demands a high price for his services.
Episode 16
The Avenging Phantom
Part one of this episode tells the story of a boy named Jimmy who wishes a character from his comic book would come to life and protect him. This wish is granted. In part two a greedy man tries to find the treasure of Medusa.
Episode 18
All the Gory Details!
Part one tells the story of a boy named Jimmy who wishes a character from his comic book would come to life and protect him. This wish is granted but Jimmy must still face his fears. In part two, a materialistic man tries to steal the treasure of Medusa.
Episode 19
Dead Men Don't Jump!
Nathan's dream in life is to play pro basketball. Nathan's manager, Marvin, plans a mysterious basketball game that could help Nathan reach his goal. Although Nathan does not know his opponent, he refuses to lose to anyone.
Episode 20
The Haunted Mine
Dale goes to the country to save his elderly Aunt Melva from living alone. While Dale is in the town, Aunt Melva and all the other residents vanish. Dale searches to find his aunt and the other people, but faces many challenges along his journey.
Episode 21
Growing Pains
When an introverted girl, Rose, moves into the neighborhood, a nerdy boy, Wendall, immediately begins pursuing her. There is something unusual about Rose, but her true colors aren’t exposed until bullies get involved.
Episode 22
The Brother's Gruff
An expert on the supernatural tells Eddy that a troll is watching him and will track him to his house. To guard himself from this troll, Eddie tries multiple experimental remedies, but he forgets something important and is forced to face the troll.
Episode 23
Horrible House of Horrors
A six year old boy, Jeremy, spends the afternoon at a carnival with his grouchy Uncle Harry. At the carnival Jeremy and his uncle take a ride through the Horrible House of Horrors and are shocked at how terrifying this ride becomes.
Episode 24
In the Amazon Jungle lives Onnaya, a dangerous beast that can morph into many different forms. During the night, a hunter's entire catch is freed back into nature and the hunter decides his next prey will be the infamous Onnaya.
Episode 25
Chuck, Melvin and Beanstalker
Chuck and his brother Melvin are starving so they trade Chuck's horse for a bag of enchanted beans. The beans turn into a giant beanstalk, which leads the brothers to treasure. To get this wealth the men must face gigantic problems.
Episode 26
Transylvania Express
By accident, beach bros, Ben and Mike, take a trip to Austria. While on this vacation, the boys ride the Transylvania Express railway and find an empty coffin. Knowing that a vampire is among them, the boys must make a plan to survive.
Episode 27
Sharon Sharalike
One afternoon a doll mysteriously appears at the home of a self-centered eight year old girl, Shauna. Although Shauna does not want the doll, she refuses to it with her younger sister. During the night the doll teaches Shauna a lesson about kindness.
Episode 28
Too Cool For School
Rebellious teens Stephanie and Jan skip school so that they don’t have to attend their frog dissection lab. When a professor sees the girls ditching class, he ensures that they will be punished. This punishment is an experience they will never forget.
Episode 29
Monsters Ate My Homework
Evan Wagner always comes up with clever lies to avoid completing his homework. One time he tells his teacher that "monsters ate my homework" and the teacher accepts this excuse. The monsters though don’t like Evan's story so they come to find his work.
Episode 30
Waste Not, Haunt Not
Richard and his brother Stephen desperately hope to win the Science Fair. Most of their experiments have been unsuccessful, so they throw away the toxic waste from previous projects into a nearby swamp, causing consequences they didn’t expect.
Episode 31
Trouble in Store
Derek and Rob love the thrill of stealing. There is no security at Mr. Robman's Department Store, so the boys feel the store is asking them to steal. The store doesn’t need a security system when there are "people" always watching what's happening.
Episode 32
All Booked Up
Because Greg despises reading, his is upset when his teacher assigns him a book report due next week. While at the library, Greg finds an enticing book and as he tries to read the story, he is literally pulled into the world of the novel.
Episode 33
So Very Attractive
The fourteen year old Julia purchases a beauty cream that promises to make her attractive. After using the cream, Julia becomes stunning. Julia's flawless look brings her so much attention that she wants to return to her normal life without this beauty.
Episode 34
Drawn and Quartered
When Ralph finds a special mechanical pencil, the pictures that he draws come to life. As bullies make fun of Ralph, the creatures in Ralph’s artwork become real and start pestering the bullies.
Episode 35
Imaginary Friend
Moving into a new neighborhood is particularly hard for the eight-year-old Mary Anne because she is instantly bullied by two teenage boys. These boys were dumb to mess with a girl they had never met. She could be more powerful than any other little girl.
Episode 36
Town Gathering
In a small town, the people have had enough of Erin's deceptive stories. When Erin discovers that aliens are trying to take over her town and eat all of the residents, she tries to warn her community but no one wants to believe the girl who cries wolf.
Episode 37
It's For You
Always hoping for more privacy, Gary is thrilled when his parents give him his own personal phone line. With this private line, Gary and his friend Steve make prank phone calls. Gary does not find these calls funny when he is the one being tricked.
Episode 38
Unpopular Mechanics
Randall the "Master of all Mechanical Things" , is obsessed with inventing. Sometimes to make his inventions, Randall destroys other people’s possessions to use parts of them as materials. Randall's creations don't like that their parts were stolen.
Episode 39
Competitive Spirit
Vincent's competitive personality makes him try to psyche out his competition. While preparing for a ski race, Vincent tells his opponent a frightening story about a Mountain Spirit. Even Vincent is surprised when this spirit arrives.

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