Twitch Movie Review - Stalled

You may think to yourself "can an entire film play out within the confines of a workplace bathroom and not be some vain attempt by an indie filmmaker to show how cool they are?" More so

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Fangoria Movie Review - Haunter

Vincenzo Natali, the Canadian director whose previous films like CUBE and SPLICE have plumbed the horrors of hard science, takes a successful turn toward the ghostly with HAUNTER.

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Twitch Movie Review - Carrie

It's been 37 years since Brian De Palma turned Stephen King's first published novel, Carrie, into a bloody camp classic, more than enough time for the idea of a remake to become palatable

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Fangoria Movie Review - Carrie

Among the reasons cited for giving Stephen King’s CARRIE another cinematic whirl, one of the most prominent has been the rise of bullying as a concern since Brian De Palma’s 1976 adap

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Twitch Movie Review - Haunter

Time is a fluid thing in the atmospheric Haunter, but it's set mainly in 1985. It's the day before Lisa's 16th birthday. It has been for a while.

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Fangoria Movie Review - Fractured (Schism)

Los Angeles’ Screamfest has become known as a place for indie films that might otherwise struggle for screenings to not only have a theatrical showing, but also catch the eyes of Hollywood&

fangoria - 10/16/2013 - 3:06pm - 0 comments


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