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13 Treehouses

In order of season, here are my top 13 favorite Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror segments.
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A movie for which I was executive producer and a lead actor, Savage Harvest 2: October Blood (2007), was released five years ago last month.
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Everyone Has Their Vices

This weekend, Vice Squad (1982) will be screening as part of the Late Nite Grindhouse series, presented by Destroy The Brain! and St. Louis’s historic Hi-Pointe Theatre.
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Top Gun

Earlier this month, director Tony Scott took his own life by leaping off a bridge in San Pedro, California.  The mysterious suicide of the 68-year-old filmmaker stunned and baffled Scott&rsq

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I recently had the rare experience of seeing an extremely rough first cut of a film – Sound Of Nothing, by director Chris Grega (Rhineland).
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The Top Ten Cannibal Movies

In recent blog entries, I’ve been yappin’ about a film for which I recently directed 2nd Unit, We Are What We Are, directed by Jim Mickle (Stake

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A Screenplay

Since the release of my last film, Ratline (2011), I’ve hesitated to begin writing another screenplay.  This is not due to any writer’s block &

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The Nine Circles Of Hell

Last week I blogged about the films and directors who inspired me in my early filmmaking pursuits.  The list of influential films included

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Bros Before Hose

From the end of May through the end of June, I was directing 2nd Unit on a feature horror film in upstate New York.  I’m sure in the very near future I’ll be able to discuss open

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