'The Tenant' - Trailer

A doctor’s genetic research gets out of hand when his nurse experiments on his pregnant wife. And his child is born a deformed creature. Featuring horror legend Michael Berryman.

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'Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula' - Trailer

Gangsters battle vampires! On the run from the law, legendary bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde hide out in a small town’s mansion. But in the cellar, rests the recently revived Count Dracula.

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'Little Deaths' - Trailer

Three envelope-pushing UK directors - Simon Rumley (Red, White & Blue), Sean Hogan (Lie Still) and Andrew Parkinson (Venus Drowning) - explore the lives of three couples immersed in twisted gam

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Apollo 18 - Trailer

Why have we never gone back to the moon? Because Apollo 18 ran into more trouble than the Nostromo!  In theaters on September 2, 2011.

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We Are What We Are - Trailer

After their father dies, a family stuggles to survive the only way it knows how – on a diet of human flesh.

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Insidious - Trailer

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne play parents whose son is plagued by the peskiest paranormal activity since Poltergeist in the latest film from Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell.

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'11-11-11' Teaser Trailer

The first footage from director Darren Lynn Bousman's (SAW 2, SAW 3, and SAW 4) upcoming thriller 11-11-11 premiered during the upcoming European Film Market.

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Dying For Daylight - Video Game Trailer

Enter the dark vampire world of True Blood author Charlaine Harris with the trailer for the new interactive vampire adventure PC game, Dying for Daylight.

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Dream Home - Trailer

Check out the US trailer for Pang Ho-Cheung's sinister Hong Kong slasher, part of February's IFC On Demand offering.

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