Piranha 3D - Trailer

Prehistoric aquatic predators versus Marty McFly’s girlfriend, Doc Brown, Marsellus Wallace...and Richard Dreyfuss in a very familiar hat.

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Splice - Trailer

Director Vincenzo Natali offers a 21st Century Frankenstein in this tale of two scientists who splice human and animal DNA to create a creepy, beautiful and deadly new species.

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Mothman Trailer

Stepping from the past into the present, the legendary West Virginia monster returns to show five childhood friends how revenge was really won in the Syfy original movie Mothman premiering April

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Slices of Life - Trailer

This indy film out of Chicago promises zombies, demon children, serial killers and angry embryos (!), all in a blood-soaked throwback to classic old school horror movie anthologies.

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The Human Centipede - Trailer

Our critic called The Human Centipede "a sick, beautiful, twisted, and borderline brilliant piece of biologically-focused horror." Here's a trailer to whet your appetite.

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The Black Waters of Echo's Pond - Trailer

If Clive Barker redesigned Monopoly, it would look a little something like the weird, evil board game featured in this indie flick. In limited release April 9.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife - Trailer

If there's one thing this trailer wants you to know, it's that RE:Afterlife was shot with the Avatar cameras. If there are two things, it's the 3-D bit and that director Paul W.S.

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