Exclusive Clip: Tales From Beyond the Pale Radio Plays Return With a New Season

Tales From Beyond the Pale are described as "radio plays for the digital age." Created by director Larry Fessenden, each 30-minute episode combines the writing and voice talents of some of the genre's biggest names. Season two launched, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th and includes episodes written by horror luminaries including Simon Barrett and Jeff Buhler. All eight episodes of season two are available for $2.99 each or all for $20.

We have an exclusive clip from one of the new episodes, "Dead Man's Shoes," written by Ashley Thorpe and featuring the voice talents of actor Michael Cerveris (Fringe).

The official synopsis: A struggling novelist with writer’s block takes on some translation work for a housebound elderly aristocrat who wants ‘to put his affairs in order’ before his death. The events that unfold will require every once of the novelist’s creativity he’s got to keep them both alive!

To purchase, visit TalesFromBeyondthePale.com