'God Bless America' Interviews - Bobcat Goldthwait and Cast

FEARnet's Alyse Wax interviews writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait and actors Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barr about their hilarious black comedy God Bless America. In Los Angeles, New York, and select cites on Friday, May 11, 2012.  Available on VOD on April 6, 2012.
 Frank (Joel Murray) has had enough of the downward spiral of American culture.  Divorced, recently fired, and possibly terminally ill, Frank truly has nothing left to live for. But instead of taking his own life, he buys a gun and decides to take out his frustration on the cruelest, stupidest, most intolerant people he can imagine -- starting with some particularly odious reality television stars.
Frank finds an unusual accomplice in a high-school student named Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr), who shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement. Together they embark on a nationwide assault on our country's most irritating celebrities . . .
Written and Directed by taboo-busting filmmaker and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait ("Shakes the Clown," "Sleeping Dogs Lie," "World's Greatest Dad"), GOD BLESS AMERICA is a truly dark and very funny comedy for anyone who's had enough of the dumbing down of our society.
Magnolia Pictures and Darko Entertainment In Association with Jerkschool Productions Presents GOD BLESS AMERICA.  Produced by Sean McKittrick, Jeff Culotta and Sara De Lose. Co-Produced by Jim Goldthwait. Executive Produced by Ted Hamm. GOD BLESS AMERICA stars Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr, Larry Miller, Aris Alvarado, Sandra Vergara, Geoff Pierson, and Tom Kenny.