Trick 'r Treat - Making Friends

Everyone should have a friend to go trick or treating with.  Even if you have to create them yourself. Watch the All Day 'Trick r Treat' Marathon on 10/31. Only on FEARnet.

DIRECTED BY:                                                 Michael Dougherty

PRODUCED BY:                                              Jed Hathaway & Patrick Flaherty

EXEC PRODUCERS:                                     Zach Shields & Michael Dougherty

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY:                 Ross Riege

PRODUCTION DESIGNER:                           Adam Lawrence

PROP MASTER:                                               Jed Voltz

EDITED BY:                                                      Jeff Yorkes

MUSIC BY:                                                        Dead Man's Bones and Douglas Pipes

MAKE UP BY:                                                   Vicky Lee Chan

MAKE UP FX BY:                                             Todd Masters, Masters

FX COSTUMES BY:                                             Kate Wanenmacher & Mike Wanenmacher

COLOR CORRECTION:                               Marc Steinberg

CAST:                                                               Nathan Worden, Rob Zabrecky, William Waidmann