Voltaire - Musician & Filmmaker

Singer-songwriter, stop-motion animator and comic book creator Voltaire sits down with Audrey Cleo to talk about some of his recent projects, including his first kid-friendly CD, 'Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids,' and the animated short films of his 'Chimerascope' series, narrated by Deborah Harry, Richard Butler, Gerard Way and Danny Elfman.As a musician, Voltaire is a songwriter whose music can best be described as a collection of murder ballads, tongue-in-cheek exercises in the macabre, and bawdy songs full of genre references. Many know him for his song "Brains!" from the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy.' He is the creator of "DEADY' and 'Chi-Chian' comics and toys, and the author of 'What is Goth?,' and provided the animated open to Glass Eye Pix's audio series 'Tales from Beyond the Pale.' Find out more at Voltaire.net.