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TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 110 - 'The Casket Girls'

Davina is busy scrubbing the compulsion from Cami’s brain. It is agonizingly painful, but she sucks it up - and is shocked when she remembers the whole truth about Klaus, Marcel, and her brother. Davina admits that Kieran knows all about Marcel - they are even kind of friends - which rocks Cami’s world.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 310 - 'Eyes of the Beholder'

High schooler Jared is flirting with Joy, his girlfriend and waitress at a diner on the “rough side of town.” Her boss is getting annoyed so Jared heads out to wait for Joy at her house. In the parking lot, he sees a patron and his girlfriend getting the shit beat out of them by three thugs. Terrified, Jared hops in his car (his sister’s car actually) and races from the scene. Having seen about a thousand episodes of Law & Order, this seems like your basic set up for a gangbanger story line.
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TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 108 - 'Come to Die'

Jayne and Browning are convinced there is another elder vampire hanging around London. She targets a hooker who admits that it was Dracula who summoned her there. Jayne tries to get the location of his nest. The hooker opts to shoot herself in the head with Jayne’s gun, rather than give up her master.
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TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 313 - 'Anchors'

Scott, Alison, and Stiles are all having trouble ever since they died and came back to life in order to save their parents. Stiles is having nightmare upon nightmare upon nightmare, so severe that he is no longer sure when he is awake and when he is asleep.
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TV Recap: 'Dracula' Episode 107 - 'Servant to Two Masters'

The nickel-steel alloy seems to have done the trick, and Grayson is ready for a public demonstration of his wireless electricity machine. Van Helsing has gotten the daylight serum to be effective for up to four hours now, which allows Grayson to take a walk in the park with Mina - then visit Jayne and screw her brains out.
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TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 309 - 'Red Menace'

A Russian faith healer named Boris has rolled into Portland to offer his services. He is something of a celebrity amongst the Russian population. He lays hands on the ill and takes away their suffering, and wants no money in return. This isn’t some act; Boris is sincere, but each heal takes a toll on him.
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