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Reaper - Dirty Sexy Mongol Clip

Sam wants to find out how Alan got out of his deal with the devil, but after they are attacked by two demons, Alan disappears; a demon takes an interest in Ben.

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Reaper - Cancun Clip

A demon revolution targets Sam, leading to a shocking revelation that could have serious implications for his future.

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Reaper - The Leak Clip

After Sam turns in a soul who somehow keeps returning to earth, the Devil tells him there is a leak in hell and he has to find out who is responsible.

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Reaper - Greg, Schmeg Clip

Sam is dismayed when Andi's ex-boyfriend, Greg, asks her out on a date and she accepts; Sam discovers that Greg sold his soul to the devil.

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Reaper - Coming to Grips Clip

Sam panics when Andi sees him behead a demon and threatens to go to the cops; Ben gets married under strange circumstances; Tony reappears in his true form.

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Reaper - Rebellion Clip

Steve and Tony want to exploit Sam's relationship with the Devil and trap him where other demons can destroy him; Ted asks Sock's permission to ask Josie out on a date, and, thinking she

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Reaper - Acid Queen Clip

Sam tells Sock they cannot be friends with Steve and Tony anymore; Sam panics when he finds out that an escaped soul plans to kill Andi, and races to save her.

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Reaper - Unseen Clip

After he gets kicked out of his house, Sock convinces Sam and Ben to move with him to a condo; strange things happen when Sam is around Cady, reigniting his suspicions that she is the devil's

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Reaper - Hungry for Fame Clip

Sam tries to stop an untalented musician from selling his soul to the devil to become a rock star; Sock's mother returns from Las Vegas and announces that she got married.

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